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Born as a directory of photographers, the doph aims to go beyond and become a useful tool for photographers and an inspiring place for photography lovers. Either if you are a photographer or looking for one, we invite you to join this first version of TheDoph. Have fun!

What’s new

Is it easy to be a photographer?

Are you a professional photographer or willing to become one? Or is photography just a wonderful hobby? What problems do you face in your everyday life as a photographer?
We are running a broad survey on several topics that may be of your interest. Results of the survey will be published on July.

There are English and Spanish versions of the survey. It’s anonymous and won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Mambo Magazine

Mambo is a digital magazine dedicated to photography. Since its creation in 2010, Mambo has published the work of more than 600 photographers from all around the World. 

If you are a photographer or a photography lover, please feel free to visit mambomag.net and enjoy the images –or submit your own.

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